ListNote to Daybird 📖🐦

Rebranding ListNote as Daybird.


Introducing Daybird

I'd like to introduce my newest project - Daybird! Yes, it's a a rebrand of ListNote.

When I pivoted ListNote to focus on planning last week, I knew I needed a new name for the project. After running a quick process on available names, I thought Daybird had a nice ring to it.

There's a fun association with Thunderbird / Sunbird, Mozilla's email and calendar suite. For those wondering about Mozilla's bird motif, it turns out Firefox was originally called Phoenix, then Firebird, but another open-source project named Firebird complained and they changed it to Firefox.

Landing Page

It's nice to mark the occasion of the shift with a new name / icon / domain. Or, that might be another symptom of ADHD striking again.

Aside: the image of a bird with calendar was generated by DALL-E, an AI system for image generation. Pretty nifty!

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