Introducing okpush 🆗

Real-time visibility for engineering teams.


Introducing okpush

It's time to unveil another new project I've been working on - okpush!

okpush is about creating visibility for engineering teams, especially distributed teams. Everyone's commits are shown in real-time as they are working, with the ability to click into a local branch / commit to see the actual changes. No workflow changes are required, it's all built on top of git.

With okpush, engineering leaders can identify:

  • who's hard at work and who's in too many meetings
  • what they're working on - if it's not what's expected, this may indicate the engineer is blocked on their assigned task
  • scope creep - if a task is taking longer than expected, there may be a mismatch in expectations between engineer and manager

The idea for okpush came from reflecting on my time as a manager at Yahoo, where I could walk around the office and immediately get a sense of my team's progress. While I love a lot of the conveniences of remote work, especially as a dad of two, managers of distributed teams have to deal with a lot more uncertainty on what their team is working on and where they are blocked.

One vision I have for okpush is to bring the full scope of each engineer's contributions into the spotlight - code reviews, tests, documentation, meetings led, stories shipped, support tickets closed - allowing quietly productive team members to share the spotlight with their more visible peers.

I'm currently piloting with a few teams, and I'm excited to see how it goes. If you're interested in trying it out, please reach out to

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