Weekly Check-in: 9/13

The first weekly check-in

catIllustration by Kelsey Holmes

For the sake of accountability, I am trying to regularly writing check-ins on my work in progress.

See all check-ins here.

Last Week's Update

We're starting to get into a rhythm with Zoe, our two-week-old, meaning I'm able to have some time to work again. I'm sleeping 5-6 hours a night now, which means I'm functional.

This past week I built this blog and have started getting feedback on the manifesto, which has been great. By writing about the big picture & ListNote, I have more clarity about what I'm doing and what some of the challenges are.

Wins of the Week

  • Creating this blog & publishing 3 articles
  • Helped two friends with YC applications
  • Zoe is alive and well

Learnings of the Week

  • I learned that I enjoy writing for the blog. Each article takes around two hours to write, and that's valuble time where I synthesizing and distilling my thoughts. I haven't had a blog since 2012 so it feels good to write again.

  • I learned about the technology behind the blog. One of the reasons I hadn't set up the blog was because I was trying to decide how to host it - you can read about the tech behind the blog here.

  • I learned about the various non-Google Analytics offerings out there for page view tracking. Two interesting products were Plausible and Fathom. There is of course Amplitude as well, though it's more Product Analytics than Web Analytics.

High-level Goals

  • Get ListNote to a releasable state

  • Get to clarity on my next project

  • Build a community to give me feedback

Goals for the Week

I'm not sure how much time & energy I have to work at this point, but I'm going to take a stab at some weekly goals.

  1. ListNote

    • Document storage and collaboration
    • Folder management / drag + drop
    • Bug and usability fixes
  2. Other Projects

    • Write an "Introducing" document for Javascript testing framework
    • Write an "Introducing" document for Email social network
  3. Community

    • Share this blog with 4 people and get their feedback

That's it! I'm looking forward to a productive week. If you have any feedback on this format, please let me know!


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