Weekly Check-in: 11/22

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catIllustration by Kelsey Holmes

For the sake of accountability, I am trying to regularly writing check-ins on my work in progress.

See all check-ins here.

Last Week's Update

This past week, I...

  • met with 9 potential co-founders
  • re-built task editing on Daybird
  • ran two successful user tests
  • fixed two race conditions that could lead to deleted data
  • rode 30 miles

I've also been spending time thinking about my mental wellbeing and understanding this season of life better. Some of the things:

No dividing line between work and home

Having our newborn at home means my attention is always a bit divided - they don't need a lot, but you can't ignore them either.

This results in a constant feeling of guilt - what my counselor calls false-guilt - as in, it's not connected to an actual wrong deed. Since I can't really choose between working and caring for Zoe, I need to accept that doing my best in each moment.

Sleep discipline

Now that Zoe's sleeping better and I'm not as sleep-deprived, a new (old) challenge has resurfaced to maintain an earlier sleep bedtime. Every day there's some reason to stay up a bit later, something left to do.

Usually what happens is that I stay up to work, but then my mind is wired and I can't fall asleep. Our kids will wake us up around 6 every day, so I can only control my bedtime, not my wake time.

To generate some extra motivation, I've been using the Streaks app on my phone to track my bedtime, but it's not very accurate. I'm going to try tracking actual hours asleep, which the Apple Watch seems to capture pretty accurately.


  • Q4: Polyglot released with 3 active users

    • No progress on Polyglot this past week.
  • Q4: Daybird released with 10 active users

    • User testing seems successful - both users this past week weren't too confused and were able to get the basics working. There's still some minor stuff to do but I think I'm ready for the next phase.
  • Q4: Ride 270 miles

    • 127 miles down, 143 to go. Still a lot of miles but it feels within reach.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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